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Walk With Caution Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian versus Automobile. Pedestrian loses every time. Pedestrian being struck by cars and trucks occur more often than you probably think. Especially, in metropolitan downtown areas. Many occur at crosswalks were pedestrians are presumed to be safe while following the intersection traffic controls. Often, it is a vehicle making a right turn at an intersection. Generally, vehicles making a right turn are focused upon looking left to make sure the roadway is clear to make the right turn. Some drivers never glance to the right where a pedestrian may have the right of way to cross. As the pedestrian steps from the curb, the vehicle driver sees the left is clear and proceeds with the right turn. The pedestrian is struck while in the crosswalk.

We caution pedestrians to be especially vigilant while crossing at intersections. If possible, make eye contact with the vehicle driver, so there are no tragic surprises.

If you or a family member have been a pedestrian victim struck by a motor vehicle, contact our lawyers.


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